An update on posts

I’ve made very few posts on this site. Most of them have been pretty long and detailed. In general, though, there are two problems with the posts I’ve made so far, which I’m going to attempt to remedy.

First, my posts have been long – and the need to make long, detailed posts has significantly depressed the number of posts I’ve been able to make and the frequency of my posting. I have significant time constraints, like most other people, and will, thus, try to make shorter, crisper posts.

Second, they’ve emphasized a priori justification over empirical evidence. I think that’s a flawed approach to take, both because – assuming we trust our senses – data is more effective at finding real-world truths than reasoning and because reasoning is often subjective and differs from person to person, while data is constant (insofar as it involves analysis of a large chunk of the empirical literature).

I’m going to try to post more frequently and to use more empirical reasoning in my posts. 


I’ve blogged before. So, the point of this new blog is for me to blog with a bit more epistemic humility – and being a bit more willing to question my own opinions. That’s pretty much it. 

I wrote a longer version of this earlier, but it seems to have been deleted and I can’t find this. In any case, I’m going to be try to be regular with posts (and to remember to always write them in Google Docs so I don’t lose them).

In other news, here’s a TED talk by Julia Galef that I found interesting.