About me

I’m Tejas Subramaniam. I’m a seventeen-year-old Indian high school student interested in economics, statistics, political science, global development, and effective altruism. I’ve been on the Indian schools debating team for three years (2017–2019). Follow me on Twitter.

I think people have a moral obligation to assist those in need—and that’s my predominant goal in life, to help as many people as I can. Currently, the problems I want to direct my efforts toward are sexual violence, threats to animal welfare (both wild and farmed), and global poverty/health.

I’ve blogged before. You can find some of my earlier work archived on GoTejas.com (forgive the title—that’s something I came up with when I was eight). I currently disagree with many of the articles on there and I hope to adopt a more epistemically modest approach to blogging with this blog.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Note: If I say anything that anyone thinks is demeaning or offensive, particularly if perceived as racist/sexist/homophobic/etc., please contact me immediately; I’m willing to correct it if I agree.

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