About me

I’m Tejas Subramaniam. I’m a seventeen-year-old high school student.

This blog is purportedly about politics, philosophy, economics, and similar issues. In reality, it’s just going to be about whatever I’m thinking about at that moment.

I’ve blogged before. You can find some of my earlier work archived on GoTejas.com (forgive the title – that’s something I came up with when I was eight). There’s a few reasons I decided to shift onto here. For one, I wanted to change my blogging style to be more reflective of me trying to reevaluate every single opinion I’ve had before – or, at least, a lot of them. In addition, I wanted to be much more regular.

I hope you enjoy what you find here.

Note: If I say anything that anyone thinks is demeaning or offensive, particularly if perceived as racist/sexist/homophobic/etc., please contact me immediately; I’m willing to correct it if I agree.

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