Life update

Sorry for the lack of posts – that’s mostly due to four things.

First, I’m working, informally, with an organization in Chennai called Tulir that works on reducing violence – particularly sexual violence – against children. They do tremendous work and I’m currently involved in extensively learning about the inclusion of trans students in the Indian schooling system and about the role of social media platforms in encouraging online harassment (and why simply trying to block access to social media as the state is probably counterproductive). You can check out their website here, though I’m told it hasn’t been updated in a bit. And here’s their Wikipedia page.

Second, I was recently selected as part of the fifth cohort for Emergent Ventures grants for prospective work on disseminating information about the prevalence of sexual violence, the harm it does, and effective tools to reduce its incidence. I’ve been involved in extensive planning and reading – about strategies that are good at collecting and disseminating info, and about some specific public policy related to it (with special attention to the research on decriminalized prostitution). Updates will soon follow – along with a new web page, blog, and possibly even a podcast.

Third, high school has been keeping the rest of my time absolutely filled with work.

Fourth, as you may know, I’m involved in competitive formal debate – especially in the parli formats – to a significant degree, and have represented the Indian national debate team at the World Schools Debating Championships since 2017. We trained for over a month and then debated at two intensive tournaments, including the world championships. It ended pretty well for us: the team I was part of won the championship and I was named the top speaker. This surprises some people who haven’t actually been involved in competitive debate, but who I am today is to a substantial degree a function of it – and I would encourage people to try it out. The Indian Schools Debating Society runs much of the high school debate scene in India, and is staffed by dedicated, hardworking, and brilliant people – do check them out.

Hopefully, once things get less hectic and my Emergent Ventures project is actually up and running, I’ll start posting again.

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