Three fantastic TED talks

MIT economist Esther Duflo talks about the use of social experiments to determine what social policy is effective. This talk is from 2010, but it’s more than worth listening to. I also recommend this New Yorker piece.

Oxford philosopher Will MacAskill on effective altruism and how to judge the world’s most pressing problems. Some similar themes to Professor Duflo’s talk.

Activist Juno Mac, author of Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights—a book I intend to read very soon—goes through five legal approaches for dealing with sex work (full criminalization, partial criminalization, the Swedish model, the Dutch model of legalization, and the New Zealand model of decriminalization) and explains why the latter model is likely superior at protecting the rights and freedoms of sex workers. She also explains the importance of including sex workers in the discussion of which legal approach governments should take.

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